5 Tips For Ladies Vampire Costumes

5 Tips For Ladies Vampire Costumes

Posted in The World of Smiffys Fancy Dress by Smiffys on October 16th 2017
There are lots of fun monsters to choose from for a Halloween fancy dress costume. One of the most popular monsters to dress up as is the Vampire. However, with lots of people dressing up as a vampire, how can you make your costume stand out from the other ladies Halloween costumes?

5 Tips For Ladies Vampire Costumes

  • 1.Decide What Style Of Vampire You Want To Dress Up As
    Vampires are very popular in numerous different mediums of entertainment: movies, books, comics, television shows and more. As such, there are lots of different vampires to choose from.

    When many think of a vampire, they think of an undead creature that is vulnerable to holy objects such as crosses, they are also vulnerable to garlic and sunlight. Additionally, they can be destroyed with a wooden stake.

    However, as there are lots of different types of vampires, you should do research on the numerous different types of vampires before you make your decision.

  • 2.Pay Close Attention To Different Makeup Styles
    Whilst you’re researching different types of vampires from different universes, look at the makeup that the vampires wear. You’ll notice that some aspects of makeup differs from universe to universe, some things are similar, and some things remain the same.

    For example, in the Twilight films, vampires which feed on human blood have red eyes and vampires which feed on animal blood have yellow/amber eyes, whereas in the Buffy The Vampire Slayer television show, when vampires show their ‘vampire face’, their eyebrows disappear, their brow ridges become more pronounced and their eyes change to a golden/yellow colour.

    Additionally, in The Vampire Diaries series, vampires have visible veins around their eyes. If you’re unsure about your makeup skills to create something in this style, watch some makeup tutorials and practice applying the makeup. Remember to ask friends and family to give you feedback, that way you can improve the vampire makeup and create an awesome vampire costume to wear for the costume party.

    These aren’t the only differences for vampire universes, so once you have chosen your preferred style of vampire, make sure that you do lots of research about how the vampire looks and any traits that your chosen vampire style has.

  • 3.Think About The Clothing/Costume That You Will Be Wearing
    Just as there are lots of different styles of vampires, there are lots of clothing styles that you can choose from for the Halloween fancy dress costume.

    You could choose to wear something simple such as this Curves Vamp costume or this Midnight Vamp costume. However, if you would prefer to wear a costume in a gothic style, you could instead choose something such as this Gothic Maiden costume, or perhaps choose a costume in a Venetian style such as this Venetian Temptress costume.

    The above examples are just four of the many different ladies Halloween costumes that women can choose from at Smiffys Fancy Dress Shop. We have a fantastic selection of fancy dress products to choose from including but not limited to fancy dress costumes, fake blood, fangs and special effects makeup.

  • 4.Don’t Forget About The Little Details
    Small details like fake blood and vampire fangs can make a big difference. You can browse lots of fantastic Halloween accessories on our fantastic online fancy dress store such as, red blood lipstick, vampire bite scars, blood capsules and make up kits to give you a helping hand adding those extra details to your costume.

  • 5.Consider A Group Costume?
    In numerous different pieces of fiction, vampires group together. So, if you and a group of friends are fans of vampires, you could create a fantastic vampire group costume.

    One of the fantastic things about vampire costumes is that there are lots of choices for both men and women, so when searching for your group costume, regardless if you’re a group of mostly men, mostly women or an even split, you’ll be able to find a selection of awesome costumes to wear.  For example, for a male and female duo, the man could wear a Male Fever Gothic Vamp Costume whereas the woman could wear a Fever Vampiress Costume.

    So, if you’re interested in a group or duo vampire fancy dress costume to wear for a Halloween costume party, follow the above pieces of advice and decide on a fantastic vampire group costume together.

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