6 Tips For Choosing A Fancy Dress Outfit

6 Tips For Choosing A Fancy Dress Outfit

Posted in The World of Smiffys Fancy Dress by Smiffy's on October 19th 2017
There are lots of awesome fancy dress costumes to choose from at Smiffys Fancy Dress Shop, so if you’re searching for ladies Halloween fancy dress costumes, browse our collection online, or visit us in store at our shop in Liverpool.

6 Tips For Choosing A Fancy Dress Costume

Choosing your fancy dress costume can be difficult; there are lots to choose from, so here’s a quick list of 6 tips to give you a helping hand.

  • 1.Decide Your Budget
    Before you get excited with possible costume ideas, decide how much you’re willing to spend on your costume.

    This way you can decide how much you want to spend on the costume itself, makeup and any costume accessories. Also, make sure that you put aside some money in your party budget to spend on drinks and refreshments at the Halloween costume party.

  • 2.What Are Other People Dressing As?
    If you need some fancy dress ideas, ask other people who are attending the party what they are dressing up as. With this information you can guess the tone and the style of the party.

    This can be very helpful, especially if the party has no theme. For example, if a few people you know are dressing up as comic book characters, perhaps it would be a good idea to choose a comic book character for your costume, perhaps a fan favourite such as Wonder Woman; who is a very popular character because of incredible comic books and the latest Wonder Woman movie that was released in theatres in May this year.

    Being one of the most powerful characters in the DC Universe, Wonder Woman is a fantastic choice for a fancy dress costume; she is a favourite character for many and will be a costume that lots of people will recognise.

  • 3.Will People Recognise Who You Are?
    It is important that people recognise who/what your costume is, using the above example of a costume party with a selection of people choosing to dress up in fancy dress inspired by comic books. Unless the party is designated as a specific comic book fancy dress party, remember that many people in attendance might not be well versed in comic book stories, so make sure that you dress up as a character that people will recognise.

    The same could be said for numerous other genres of entertainment. If a few people are dressing up as characters from movies, unless there is a designated theme, it might be a good idea to stay away from lesser known characters for your costume. After all, you wouldn’t want to spend most of the party explaining your costume to people. So choose something iconic and recognisable, something such as a Maleficent costume or you could dress up as Harley Quinn in the style of the latest Suicide Squad movie with this Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Wig.

  • 4.Think About Comfort
    You’re going to be wearing this costume for the party so make sure you choose a comfortable costume. You wouldn’t want to have to leave an awesome Halloween costume party early because your costume is uncomfortable, so choose a quality costume from Smiffys Fancy Dress Shop.

    If you’re searching for fancy dress in Merseyside, we have a fantastic store in Liverpool which you can visit and browse our wonderful selection of fancy dress costumes. However, if you would prefer to shop online, you can browse our collection of ladies Halloween fancy dress costumes by clicking the Halloween tab at the top of this page and selecting the option for ladies Halloween fancy dress.

    Alternatively you can browse through our collection of ladies costumes by clicking on our ladies section and viewing a wide range of different sub-categories including decade themed costumes, costumes inspired by history, popular characters and more.

  • 5.Don’t Be Afraid To Go Outside Your Comfort Zone
    Fancy dress is about having fun with friends so don’t be afraid to be adventurous with your costume. If you’re considering trying something outside of your comfort zone, a fancy dress party is a fantastic opportunity to do so.

    It’s also a great time to express yourself. If you’re very interested in the Mesoamerican festival Día de Los Muertos (Also known as Day of The Dead) which is celebrated in Mexico and numerous other countries. Then a Halloween costume party is a fantastic opportunity to dress in an awesome Day of The Dead fancy dress costume.

  • 6.Plan A Costume With Your Friends
    If you’re unsure what costume you want to dress up as and you’re attending the party with friends who are also unsure, this is a great opportunity for a group costume.

    Even if you just have one friend who is unsure what to dress up as, there are lots of fantastic duos that you can dress up as. For example, for two ladies, you could dress up as two fairytale princesses from our selection of Ladies fairytale costumes, or for a lady and a man, you could perhaps dress up as Batman and Poison Ivy or The Joker And Harley Quinn from the latest Suicide Squad Movie.

Halloween Fancy Dress For Women From Smiffy's Fancy Dress Shop

If you are searching for fantastic ladies Halloween fancy dress costumes, you can browse our collection of fancy dress costumes online, or visit us in store at our shop in Liverpool or our shop in Chester. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our fancy dress costumes, please feel free to get in touch with us or visit us and ask your questions to us in person; our friendly and dedicated team will be happy to help.

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