9 Top Tips For Zombie Halloween Costumes

9 Top Tips For Zombie Halloween Costumes

Posted in The World of Smiffys Fancy Dress by Smiffys on September 21st 2016
Are you looking for some tips to make your zombie Halloween costume extra terrifying this year? We have nine tips to help you become the scariest monster at the party.

  1. Decide How Old Your Zombie Is
    If your zombie is freshly bitten, it’s going to have a lot more ‘life’ in its face. This means more peachy skin tones and fresher looking wounds. If your zombie is a lot older, you will need more makeup, the blood will be dried; the skin will look pale and infected with lots of green and grey tones.

  2. Follow Online Tutorials
    The internet is a fantastic resource for finding new ways to improve your skills. This two part series on bug infested wounds would be a fantastic way to make your zombie costume stand out; also why not look at this makeup tutorial created by some of the special effects makeup artists from The Walking Dead.

  3. Use A Make Up Primer
    Zombie Halloween costumes
    often use a lot of makeup. Make sure you use a makeup primer to help the makeup stay on. This will also make the application process a lot smoother.

  4. Use The Right Tool For The Job
    To make your skin look pale, you should use a brush to apply pale foundation evenly. However, for special effects makeup such as liquid latex; you should use a sponge. Using the right tool for the job will make your makeup easier to apply and also give you a better finished product

  5. Don’t Rush, Take It Slow
    Go as slow as possible. You can’t rush a masterpiece, if you take your time and use techniques shown in tutorials, you’ll create a terrifying costume that will amaze your family and friends.

  6. Look At Diagrams Of Skulls For Reference
    If you’re unsure what parts of your face you should apply shadow to, look at a diagram of a skull for reference. If you still need further guidance, feel the bones in your face and apply shading to indented areas such as under your cheekbones and around your eyes.

  7. Blood Is Not Always Red
    A common mistake made with Halloween makeup, when blood dries it is not red, it becomes a brownish colour. So make sure your fake blood in your costume represents this. As a rule of thumb, fresh blood is red, dried blood is a red/brown colour.

  8. The Little Things Make The Biggest Difference
    Small extra touches can make your costume stand out above the rest. Perhaps include a sliced finger as shown in this video tutorial. This technique could also work really well to create a zombie bite or various other wounds to your zombie.

  9. Perfect Your Zombie Walk
    It’s no good having a fantastic costume with fantastic makeup if your zombie walk isn’t equally fantastic. Watch some zombie TV shows and movies; look at how they walk and perhaps watch this video of The Walking Dead’s zombie school for some extra guidance.

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