Christmas Fancy Dress Costume Ideas For Groups!

Christmas Fancy Dress Costume Ideas For Groups!

Posted in The World of Smiffys Fancy Dress by Smiffys Fancy Dress on December 19th 2016
Christmas fancy dress parties are a great opportunity to have fun with friends, so why don’t you take the festive fun to the next level? How about a group costume?

Many people consider group costumes, but decide against them when people struggle to think of an idea, so we’re here to help. Here are a variety of great options for groups of different sizes.


Christmas Fancy Dress Costumes For A Small group (3 people)

Small groups of three people can be some of the most difficult groups to find group costumes for. Everything you’ve probably thought of requires too many people to work. Not to worry we have some great Christmas fancy dress costumes that will help the three of you stand out at the party.

Here are four ideas to help you find a group Christmas fancy dress costume:

A Simple Christmas Trio
Let’s start with a simple group costume for a Christmas party. First you start with a Christmas tree, then the second person dresses as a Christmas present and finally the third person dresses as a Christmas cracker. Fantastic!

2.The Three Kings/The Three Wise Men
If you’re struggling to get enough people to commit to a group costume to dress as the Nativity, you could dress up as a group within the nativity. Such as the three kings/three wise men.

3.Christmas Angels
Another nativity themed small group costume, you could dress as Christmas angels. We have a variety of different angel costumes to choose from, so your group of friends can wear different costumes and if you would like more variety in your costumes, you can browse through our Christmas accessories and add something extra special to your Christmas fancy dress costume.

4.Team Santa
You and two friends could make a small Santa themed group costume. With a Santa, a Miss Santa and either a reindeer or a Head Elf you can create a small group costume with a Santa theme.

Christmas Fancy Dress Costumes For Large Groups (5+ People)

When your group reaches more than five people it can be difficult to decide on a costume for your group. Sometimes the costume plans evaporate when one group member decides enough is enough and purchases a different costume ad one that doesn’t work within a group. Don’t let your group costume dreams fade away; we have four suggestions that might help:


  1. The Nativity
    Let’s get the whole nativity group together. We need a Mary and a Joseph, A few shepherds, three kings/three wise men and some angels. If you still have more friends who need costumes, you can always include a few sheep that the shepherds have brought with them.

  2. Santa’s Workshop
    A group costume that works incredibly well for large groups. The only difficult decision will be deciding who will be Santa and Miss Santa! After that, everyone else can decide between a variety of elf and reindeer costumes. If you have a very large group, you may want to add some little extra special bits to make the elves look different. Head to our Christmas accessories section, there you can find a variety of accessories to make your costumes look extra special.

  1. The Toybox
    Just like Santa’s Workshop this group costume is great for large groups, but this also works really well as a theme for a Christmas fancy dress party. The idea of this theme is that people dress up as their favourite childhood toys to create a children’s toy box.

    Search for some of your favourite childhood toys in our search feature and browse through our fantastic selection of costumes. The only difficult thing to do is decide which costume you will be wearing!

  2. A Snowman Party
    Grab your friends and dress up as snowmen. We have many different costumes so you and your friends can pick from a variety of snowman costumes. We have different styles of snowman costumes such as an Inflatable Snowman Costume, a mascot style snowman costume, the Miss Snowman Costume and many others.

For Fantastic Christmas Fancy Dress Costumes For Men, Women And Children, Visit Smiffys Liverpool!

Christmas fancy dress parties are great. Celebrate the occasion this year by creating a group costume. If you’re searching for a group costume for friends or family this year, trust the party experts with an unrivalled 30 years of industry experience, trust Smiffys Liverpool.

 We have an incredible selection of costumes to choose from, so if you want a fantastic Christmas fancy dress costume or if you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the fancy dress/party products available on our website, please contact our friendly and dedicated team today.


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