Day Of The Dead Halloween Costumes

Day Of The Dead Halloween Costumes

Posted in The World of Smiffys Fancy Dress by Smiffys on September 08th 2016
In many countries around the world people celebrate Halloween on the 31st of October, but there is another spooky celebration celebrated on the 1 st and 2nd of November originating from Mexico, Día De Los Muertos which translates in English to ‘The Day of The Dead’. If you want to do something different this year for Halloween, why not dress up in Day of The Dead Halloween Costumes and throw a party, Día De Los Muertos style.

A Very Unique Style

The Day of The Dead has a very unique style. The costumes often include masks which are somewhat similar to Venetian Masquerade masks, yet with a dark twist. Costumes and masks are often either white or black and often display skulls, flowers and bones. The holiday is a celebration of life, families gather together to remember their loved ones who have passed away and celebrate their lives, even though lots of skulls and imagery of death is present throughout this holiday, it is by no means a sad occasion.

The Mexican calaca (skeleton) is a very common character seen throughout this holiday. It is a human skeleton wearing human clothing. They are often very joyful characters, which directly contrasts Halloween, where skeletons and monsters are seen as scary creatures.

Many people are seeking some different from the repetitive Halloween themed party food. Cookies shaped like ghosts and a red ‘blood’ drink that might actually be cherry punch. Whilst it is fun, some people might be craving something new this year. If you throw a party inspired by The Day of The Dead you’ll have the chance to provide some themed beverages and snacks different to those normally served at Halloween.

Why not bake the traditional Pan De Muerto (bread of the dead) and serve it to your guests. However, if you’d rather make something a little more ‘fun’ and colourful (after all this holiday is a joyful celebration of life), why not make some Day of The Dead themed cakes instead? For something to drink, your guests may enjoy this selection of alcoholic drinks or these two delicious Day of The Dead themed non-alcoholic drinks.


Of course no party is complete without costumes. We have a fantastic range of Day of The Dead Halloween Costumes inspired by the historic Día De Los Muertos available to purchase both online and in store. We have subtle choices available such as this half eye mask but for those who are feeling the festivities and want to fully embody this holiday, we have a fantastic selection of costumes to suit, such as this Witch Doctor costume.

Do Something Different This Year With Smiffys-Liverpool

If you’re looking for something different a Day of The Dead Themed party is a fantastic idea. It still holds onto a dark theme just like Halloween, but has a totally different mood. The modern Halloween is about scary monsters whereas Day of The Dead still holds onto many of its traditional family based roots. A Day of The Dead themed party could also serve as a fantastic chance for younger members of your family to learn about another culture because Día De Los Muertos has been celebrated in various Meso-American civilisations for thousands of years.

Enjoy wearing fantastic costumes and enjoy delicious food and beverages from a different culture this year with a Day of The Dead Themed Halloween party.

Give Smiffys-Liverpool a call on 0151 709 9449 and find your perfect Day of The Dead costume today!

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