Fancy Dress Inspiration From Films

Fancy Dress Inspiration From Films

Posted in The World of Smiffys Fancy Dress by Smiffys on September 14th 2017
There are lots of fantastic fancy dress costumes that you can choose to wear at a Halloween fancy dress party. From clown costumes to super hero costumes, there are lots of film and television costumes to choose from.

Film And Television Halloween Fancy Dress Costumes

Choosing a Halloween fancy dress costume can be difficult, so here are 5 ideas to give you a helping hand.

1. One Of Your Favourite Film Or TV Characters
Fancy dress is about having fun so why not dress up as one of your favourite film or television characters? If you are a big fan of the V For Vendetta film (adapted from the graphic novel of the same name) we have a fantastic V For Vendetta Costume which includes shirt, trousers, cape, hat, mask, belt and six daggers!

There are also lots of other movie inspired costumes that you could wear; perhaps you’re a big fan of the Joker, Hellboy or maybe Maleficent. We have a fantastic selection of film and TV fancy dress costumes on our online store so browse our collection today!

2. A Clown Costume Inspired By Famous Movies
A popular horror character is the Clown. Whether it’s from Rob Zombie’s movie 31, the classic 1990 IT or even the soon approaching IT remake which will be released in the UK on the 8th of September.

There are lots of famous clowns in the genre of horror to dress up as for Halloween, but if you’re not too sure about dressing up in a scary clown costume, you could dress up in a comical costume and bring a comedic approach to the clown costume.

3. Wear Something Nostalgic
Nostalgic costumes are fantastic, they show off some of your personality and also provide a fun ‘ice breaker’ for yourself and others attending the party. You could bring some nostalgic fun to the party with an Inflatable Mr Blobby Costume or party in style wearing a Bananas in Pyjamas Costume .

4. A Comic Book Costume (Works Great In Groups!)
This costume can work fantastic either as a solo costume, as a duo or even in a large group. There are lots of iconic comic book groups and duos that you could choose from: Batman & Robin, Joker & Harley, The Avengers, The Justice League or if you’re a fan of the character Deadpool, you could dress up as the Deadpool Corps.We have a fantastic Deluxe Deadpool Costume for those interested in dressing up as Deadpool and a Ladies Deadpool Costume for those who want to dress up as Lady Deadpool.

5. Something From A Horror Film Or Television
many people choose to watch horror movies during Halloween and many enjoy a horror movie marathon during this time. As such, a horror movie costume could be a great idea; if this idea interests you, there are lots of great costumes to choose from on our online store.

Browse clown costumes such as Pennywise from the classic horror IT, adapted from the 1986 Stephen King novel of the same name. Other great horror costume choices could be Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees or Jigsaw .

You Can Find A Fantastic Selection Of Fancy Dress Costumes From Smiffys Fancy Dress Shop

If you’re searching for a fancy dress costume to wear at a Halloween party, Smiffys Fancy Dress Shop is a great place to search. You can browse our wonderful selection of fancy dress costumes on our online website, however if you would like to see our collection of Halloween fancy dress in person, you can visit us at our shop in Liverpool.

There is a wide range of costumes to choose from in different styles and in many different sizes. For example you can find second skin costumes, deluxe costumes and even Stand Out Suits. Additionally, we also have costumes in numerous different sizes; click on a costume to see the sizing options that are available.

Need Some Assistance? The Smiffys Fancy Dress Shop Team Can Help!

If you need some assistance don’t worry, our team will be happy to help. If you’re searching for something specific but cannot find it in our stores or on our online store, get in touch with our friendly team. We have an unrivalled 30 years of industry experience and have been trading for over ten years. So if you need some help finding a specific costume, get in touch with our team today and we’ll use our expertise and links within the party industry to try and source the costume for you.

However, if you’re searching for some party inspiration, browse through the numerous entries on our blog. We have lots of fantastic blogs to read about fancy dress parties for numerous different occasions including Halloween!

Halloween Fancy Dress Costumes For Ladies, Men, Children And Teens. Give The Smiffys Fancy Dress Shop Team A Call Today

If you are interested in any of the fancy dress costumes that are available for purchase from Smiffys Fancy Dress Shop, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. Our friendly team will be happy to help.

If you’re searching for Halloween fancy dress costumes such as film costumes, television costumes or clown costumes in Merseyside and would like to see our collection of costumes in person, you can do so by visiting us in our shop based in Liverpool. However, you can also get in touch with the Smiffys Fancy Dress Shop Team by email or by telephone.

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