From Flapper Dresses To The Spice Girls

From Flapper Dresses To The Spice Girls

Posted in The World of Smiffys Fancy Dress by Smiffys Liverpool on December 03rd 2019
Going to a fancy dress party between Christmas and New Years and don’t know what to wear? How about decade themed fancy dress costumes? Our Liverpool fancy dress shop is filled with a diverse collection of costumes with different themes and styles; in fact there are a whole two floors full of costumes to browse. So if you’re looking for fancy dress shops in Liverpool, Smiffys-Liverpool on Bold Street is the ideal place to shop.

5 Ideas For Decade Themed Fancy Dress

1. The 1920s, Gangsters, Flapper Dresses, And The Birth Of A Cartoon Superstar
For those who love learning about history, the ‘20s are most famous for the prohibition period in the USA, which provides a fantastic fancy dress theme. You could decorate the party venue as a speakeasy and have people dress up wearing ‘20s style Gangster suits and flapper dresses; such as this Long Flapper Costume Purple or this Vintage Gangster Boss Costume .

However, whilst this decade is largely known for infamous gangsters such as Al Capone. The 1920s was also the decade in which the extremely famous and well-loved cartoon character Mickey Mouse made their first appearance. The first cartoon in which the lovable cartoon mouse appeared was called “Steamboat Willie”.

2. The 1940s, A Time Of War, Music, And Dance
The ‘40s were a very significant decade in the history of many nations of the world. Of c course for many it is remembered as the time in which the Second World War took place, the decade’s fashion and dance traditions make it a very popular theme for fancy dress parties.

so if you’re attending a ‘40s themed party, we have a fantastic selection of costumes including those which are wartime themed. For example, those interested in a wartime themed costume could choose from costumes such as officers, home guard, WW2 Sweetheart, WW2 Land Girl, and an amazing Vintage Nurse Costume , which comes with a Dress, Cardigan, Belt, and Hat, and is available in a diverse selection of different sizes.

3. The 1960s, Free Spirit & Music
Two of the most prominent reasons why the ’60s are remembered are the musical acts that rose to popularity during this decade, and also the rise of a moment known as ‘free-spirited individuals’, also known by many as ‘hippies’.

For those looking for musical inspired ‘60s costumes, perhaps men would be interested
one of the Sergeant Pepper Jackets available on our online store, including red, blue, and green coloured jackets. On the other hand, if you’re looking to unleash your free spirit, perhaps gents will be interested in in a ‘60s Groovy Shirt paired with some Men’s ‘60s Psychedelic Flared Trousers, with ladies joining them in the equally groovy Woodstock Hippie Chick Costume ?

4. The ‘80s & Their Impact On The Musical World
Arguably the biggest cultural event in the 1980s was the massive change to the music industry; such a significant event that its impact can still be noticed today. We are of course talking about the rise in popularity of music videos.

With the introduction of music videos, fashion and image became a very important part of any musical act. In this new era of music pop acts such as Michael Jackson and Duran Duran were very popular; becoming icons of the decade. However, this wasn’t just the decade of pop music, many other styles of music also became popular such as new wave, synthpop and house. The ‘80s was also a great decade for heavy metal and glam metal, with bands such as Metallica, Bon Jovi and Guns N’ Roses.

So if you’re looking to unleash your inner rock star with a costume inspired by iconic glam metal acts, perhaps you could wear some Zebra Print Trousers, grab an Inflatable Guitar, and wear them with this awesome Heavy Metal Rocker Kit ? On the other hand, if you’re not a fan of the metal music scene and would prefer a different style of music, perhaps the New Romantic genre will interest you with costumes such as the ‘80s New Romantic Costume.

5. The 1990s, Release Your Inner ‘90s Kid
Similar to the 1980s, the ‘90s were also famous for their music. Arguably one of the biggest global pop acts of the decade was the Spice Girls, however the decade also saw the rise of many other genres and styles of music including alternative rock, grunge and electronic dance music. That being said, arguably the biggest musical style of the decade was the boy band / girl group. After all, with groups such as the previously mentioned Spice Girls and other groups such as Take That; boy bands and girl groups were indeed very popular.

However, if you thought the ‘90s was just about the music, you can think again. It’s also the decade known for some of the most loved television shows and video games of all time. Simply put, everyone is spoiled for choice when it comes to ‘80s themed fancy dress, with popular shows such as Baywatch and videogames such as Super Mario 64, there’s no shortage of inspiration.

Do You Need Some Help? Our Team Of Party Experts Can Help

If you’re interested in the numerous fancy dress costumes available from Smiffys Fancy Dress Shop but you need some help finding the costume that’s right for you, don’t worry; our friendly and dedicated team is here to help. We have been trading for over ten years and have an unrivalled 30 years of industry experience. This means that we can use our expertise and our links within the party industry to try and source the fancy dress costume you’re looking for. So if you need a helping hand, get in touch with our friendly team today and discuss your fancy dress needs.

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