Need Help Organising A Baby Shower?

Need Help Organising A Baby Shower?

Posted in The World of Smiffys Fancy Dress by Smiffy's on May 24th 2018
Organising a baby shower can be difficult, so if you’re unsure what you need to do or what baby shower accessories you should choose, here’s a list of advice to give you a helping hand!

If you’re searching for accessories, photo props or party games for a baby shower, Smiffys-Liverpool has a fantastic selection of baby shower products to choose from. You can browse through our collection on the Smiffys-Liverpool online store, or visit us in person at our Merseyside fancy dress shop.

However, if you have any questions regarding the products that are available, you can get in touch with a member of our team by calling 0151 709 9449.

Don’t Know How to Organise A Baby Shower? Some Tips And Suggestions To Give You A Helping Hand!

If you’ve never organised a baby shower before, it could be a very confusing event to organise. So if you’re feeling overwhelmed don’t worry, here’s a list of tips, suggestions, and advice for organising a baby shower!

  • Who Should Organise The Baby Shower?
    The baby shower is usually organised by somebody who is not the mum-to-be or the dad-to-be. As such, it can be organised by a single individual such as a relative, a close friend, or a co-worker. However, it could also be organised by the whole group with each person contributing to the organisation, decoration, and activities.

  • What Activities Should You Plan?
    There are lots of fun activities that you could choose for a baby shower. You could opt for some baby themed activities such as a baby shower version of the fun party game ‘stick the tail on the donkey’, Pin the Dummy on the Baby. You could also play a game of Baby Shower Bingo or a baby shower themed challenge game.

    However, if the guests aren’t interested in playing games, there are lots of fantastic baby shower activities that you could take part in. For example, all of the guests could write down pieces of advice for the mum-to-be, so when the baby is born, friendly advice is close at hand.

  • When Is The Best Time To Host The Baby Shower?
    The timing for the baby shower can be difficult. Indeed, like many special occasions it is important that you decide on a time and date when all the major guests can attend. The baby shower is usually organised before the birth of the child, however some people decide to have a baby shower after the child is born, creating a wonderful opportunity for friends and family to meet the newborn.

  • What Venue Should You Choose?
    There are lots of different choices for venues with regards to a baby shower, however unless the mother-to-be is organising the event herself, it probably shouldn’t be hosted at her home. After all, it’s not fair to leave all the cleaning up and worrying about the event to her.

    However, it is important that the event is held in an area that’s familiar for the mum-to-be, so perhaps a house of a relative or a close friend, or maybe you could enjoy a baby shower lunch at her favourite restaurant.

  • What Food Should You Serve?
    The choice of food and drink can be difficult. However, there are lots of different options that you could choose from. If you’re hosting the baby shower at your home, perhaps you could organise a baby shower tea party with delicious tea, homemade sandwiches and homemade cake.

    Alternatively, you could opt to not serve food at all for the party, and instead order food from the mum-to-be’s favourite restaurant or take-away.

  • What About Fancy Dress?
    With regards to baby showers, fancy dress costumes are entirely optional. If you want to keep things simple, a set of baby shower themed badges, some props for photographs, and a mum-to-be sash could be fantastic baby shower accessories for the party.

    However, if the mother-to-be is a fan of fancy dress and enjoys fancy dress parties, perhaps all the guests could dress up as children’s TV characters. Indeed, perhaps the party guests could each dress up as a character from a television show that the mother-to-be enjoyed as a child.

Searching For Baby Shower Accessories? Visit The Party Experts At Smiffys-Liverpool!

If you’re searching for party accessories or fancy dress costumes in Merseyside, visit Smiffys-Liverpool. We have a fantastic selection of party products for you to browse both in store and on our website, so if you’re organising a baby shower for a friend or relative, visit our friendly staff in-store or browse through our online store today!

We have lots of wonderful baby shower products to browse, including party games, accessories to wear, and props for photos. However, if you cannot find the fancy dress or party products that you are searching for, please get in touch with our team by using the information available at the bottom of this page. Due to our links within the party industry, there’s a good chance we will be able to source the product that you are searching for.

Do You Have Any Questions? Get In Touch With The Smiffys Fancy Dress Shop Team Today!

If you have any questions regarding the products that are available in our baby shower section, or any of the other products that are available on the Smiffys-Liverpool online store, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team. Our friendly and dedicated staff will be happy to assist you with your enquiry.

So, if you would like to get in touch with the Smiffys-Liverpool team, you can talk to our staff by telephone, by using the internet, or by visiting us in person at our Liverpool fancy dress shop.

Contact The Smiffys-Liverpool Team

If you would like to contact our team, you can do so using the methods below.

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