Plan A Great Party For A Mum-To-Be

Plan A Great Party For A Mum-To-Be

Posted in The World of Smiffys Fancy Dress by Smiffy's Fancy Dress on June 29th 2017
If a friend or relative is pregnant, throwing them a baby shower party can be a thoughtful and loving gesture. However, sometimes it can be difficult to find games, party accessories and decorations for the event. Thankfully Smiffy's Fancy Dress Liverpool, is here; we have a great selection of accessories and decorations so you can throw the mum-to-be a fantastic party to celebrate the miracle of life and the start of a family.

Baby Shower Sashes And Rosettes

Sashes and rosettes are a great way to celebrate, whether it’s a milestone birthday, a hen party or a baby shower party; they’re great.

With that in mind, you can purchase a wide variety of baby shower party products from our online store. We have a fantastic choice of mum-to-be sashes that the expecting mother can enjoy; we also have a great selection of rosettes in a variety of different colours.

Some Fun Games For The Party

If you need some fun games for the party, you’re in luck; we have a fantastic selection to choose from.

If you’re looking for some baby shower themed classic party games, you can choose some awesome games such as baby shower bingo or a baby shower twist of ‘pin the tail on the donkey called, ‘pin the dummy on the baby’.

We also have some fun challenge/activity cards for the baby shower. These cards all have fun baby shower themed activities and actions for the party guests to take part in.

Some Fun Party Ideas

Some mums-to-be want a more relaxed get together, whereas others would enjoy an extravagant party. With so many different ideas to choose from, it can be tricky to decide, but don’t worry; Smiffy's Fancy Dress Liverpool, is here to help. Here are 5 great party ideas.

  • A Tea Party
    If she doesn’t want a big fuss, a small tea party could be a lovely idea. Enjoy a few delicious tasty treats and some nice relaxing drinks with family and close friends; lovely.

    Whilst at the baby shower tea party, you could enjoy some small simple games, such as a baby shower scratch card game whilst wearing some adorable baby shower badges.

    Also, as many mums-to-be to be know; high levels of caffeine can result in some problems for your baby, the NHS recommends that you don’t have more than 200mg a day. If you’re planning a tea party for the mum-to-be and you’re curious how much caffeine is in a mug of tea, the NHS estimates that it is approximately 75mg of caffeine.

  • A Picnic
    If you want something simple, what could be better than a lovely picnic?

    Picnics are great, especially for mums-to-be who don’t want gifts. Instead of bringing a gift, everyone can bring a tasty treat to add to the picnic and share a wonderful moment together. If family and friends are curious as to what foods they could bring that are ‘mum-to-be friendly’, the BBC has a list of some great tasty dishes that you could make.

  • A Bite To Eat At A Local Café
    If the mum-to-be doesn’t want a big fuss made for her, it can sometimes be difficult to find a way to celebrate her pregnancy and show her how important she is to you, without causing too much of a fuss. However, if she has a favourite local café that she likes to visit, it could be the perfect venue for a small baby shower party.

    Enjoy some delicious food and a nice chit chat with family and friends, enjoying some valuable time together before the baby arrives. If you’re enjoying some cold drinks together, perhaps you add a small sprinkle of the baby shower theme with some baby shower straws?

  • A Lovely Restaurant With Close Family And Friends
    If you’re looking for something much larger in scale but still not quite a party, a restaurant is a lovely choice.

    Pick either the mum-to-be’s favourite restaurant or a restaurant of her favourite cuisine so that it feels extra special for her. You could play a few fun baby shower themed games such as the mum to be secrets revealed game, and you could also use the baby shower memento book so you can keep your memories safe.

  • A Fancy Dress Party
    If the mum-to-be would like an extravagant baby shower party, why not surprise her with fancy dress? You could all pick costumes related to her life, perhaps dress up as some of her favourite television, film or book characters, or maybe dress up with costumes from her favourite decade. Did she party a lot in the ‘90s? Fantastic, we have a great selection of ‘90s inspired costumes to choose from in our collection of ladies fancy dress costumes inspired by the 1990s.

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We have numerous different accessories, games and novelty goods for a baby shower party to choose from. Browse our collection including the baby shower bibs drawing game, the baby shower photo props and many more. 

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