Searching For Costume Inspiration?

Searching For Costume Inspiration?

Posted in The World of Smiffys Fancy Dress by Smiffy's on October 20th 2016
Some people find it easy to decide what they will dress up as will be each year. However, some struggle to find inspiration for their Halloween fancy dress costumes but there is a simple solution. Turn on your television or visit your local cinema because film and television has a fantastic selection of costumes to draw inspiration from.

It’s that time of year when many gather together and watch horror movies. With the classics like The Exorcist (1973) , Halloween (1978) and Alien (1979) there will be no shortage of costume inspiration, however there are some great horror movies being released. So if you are a fan of horror, why not visit your local cinema and watch Rob Zombie’s new film 31.

Great Costume Ideas

If you’re looking for some costume inspiration, you can find it in Rob Zombie’s latest film, especially in Richard Brake’s character Doom-Head. You might remember Richard Brake from his role as The Night King in episodes Oathkeeper and Hardhome of the TV series Game of Thrones.

The costume design is very interesting, the use of clowns is terrifying, especially for those with coulrophobia (the fear of clowns). The film features a lot of killer clowns so for those interested in creating a 31 inspired killer clown outfit, check out our clown section.

The film also features the fantastically talented Malcolm McDowell who plays the role of Father Murder. You might remember him performing the role of Alex in the classic and controversial film A Clockwork Orange. Both characters have very interesting costumes which could provide lots of inspiration for a Halloween costume.

Inspiration On The Screen

Television and film are fantastic resources for finding your perfect costume. Professional costume designers and professional makeup artists pour hours of creativity into creating fantastic costumes. Sometimes you can find a fantastic costume from a movie character, such as this Batman costume. However, sometimes you have to be creative and create your own costume using different pieces from different costumes. If this is the case, pay close attention to the character’s costume, look at still photos and browse through our selection of costumes, makeup and accessories.

For example, if you want to create a costume of a specific vampire from a television show, you could start by browsing our vampire section for any costumes similar to the character. After finding the closest match you should think about makeup. If you’re looking for makeup to make a heavy impact, perhaps our vampire makeup set will suit your costume. If you’re searching for a more subtle vampire, our gothic makeup set might be more appropriate. However, we’re not done yet, after all what vampire costume is complete without some fangs and fake blood?

This process can be repeated for any character you want to dress up as but are struggling to find a costume for. Think of the costume like an outfit and you’ll be able to find various different costume possibilities.

What Will You Be For Halloween?

There’s only one question now, what you will be for Halloween? Why stop at films and television for inspiration? Cartoons, videogames, comics and books all contain fantastic characters that you can bring to life through a fantastic costume.

However, there are so many characters you could possibly choose; selecting just one to dress up as can be very difficult so here is a quick way to narrow your choice of costumes down.

  1. Set Your Budget
    Decide how much money you’re willing to spend on your costume, this will make deciding your costume much easier in the long run.
  2. Make A List
    Make a list of all of your favourite characters who you would like to dress up as. This list can be as long or as short as you like.
  3. Look For Costumes
    Search our online store for any costumes, make a note of the cost and what is included in the costume. If there are no costumes available, you’ll have to create your own from other pieces of fancy dress. If you have to do this, remember to note the cost of the items needed.
  4. Props And Other Items
    Now is the time to complete the costume, using props and makeup and any items of clothing not included in the costume. Remember to note down the cost of these additional items.
  5. Rule Out any Costumes That Are Over Your Budget
    A simple step, if any costume is over your budget, rule it out and look for something within your price range. We have a great selection of costumes to fit all budgets.
  6. Consider The Practicality Of Your Costume
    Most costumes do not have any practicality issues when worn at a fancy dress party, however in some circumstances they may be unsuitable. For example if you’re working and wearing a costume, you may prefer a specific fit as bulky costumes may be unsuitable for your work environment.
  7. Consider What Your Friends Are Wearing
    Are you attending a Halloween party as a part of a group? Check what your friends are wearing; you could possibly arrange a group costume.
  8. Choose Your Favourite Of The Remaining Costumes
    With your list of possible costumes narrowed down, choosing your favourite should be a lot easier.

Smiffys-Liverpool A Fantastic Selection Of Halloween Fancy Dress At Prices To Suit All Budgets!

If you’re looking for your ideal Halloween costume, visit Smiffys-Liverpool either online or in store and we will be happy to help you find the Halloween costume that’s perfect for you.

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