St Patrick's Day

St Patrick's Day

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No matter where you seem to go nowadays, every 17th March will see a celebration of Irishness with parades, carnivals and parties all centred around the Irish culture. Named after one of Ireland’s patron saints, St. Patricks Day is now an international celebration, thanks to the Diaspora of Irish ancestry that exists throughout the world. From Dublin to New York, from London to Sydney, St. Patricks Day will turn many places green on the 17th!

What better way to celebrate all things Irish then, than with a St Patricks Day fancy dress item?

The Life and Legend of Saint Patrick

Born in Britain during the 5th Century, it’s widely accepted by historians that Patrick was a Christian missionary who made his way to Ireland to spread the message of his religion. According to historical texts, a 16 year-old Patrick was captured by Irish pirates and taken into slavery in Ireland where he apparently tended livestock. He eventually escaped and returned to his family in Britain, where he entered the church. It was during this period that he trained as a cleric and eventually returned to Ireland, to eventually become a bishop, providing Christian teachings to the land in which he was originally enslaved.

It’s likely (if of course, the story of Patrick is true) that he was risen up to sainthood because of his contribution to spreading Christianity to Ireland. Of course, like any legendary figure with little evidence of their life, there have been many legends attributed to Patrick. Perhaps the most notable is that of him banishing the snakes from Ireland, as the country is notable for not possessing a natural population of the reptiles.  Whilst undertaking a 40-day fast upon a cliff, it’s said that St Patrick used his staff to chase snakes from the country and into the sea.

Rather than the interesting tale spun by the legend, the fact that there are no snakes in Ireland has to do with geography and more specifically, the last ice age which disconnected the land bridge between Ireland and Britain, cutting off the opportunity for land-based animals to cross over. Unable to survive at cold temperatures, snakes likely crossed to Britain from mainland Europe before that land bridge too, went under the rising waters as the planet heated up again.

With the snake representing paganism (underlined in The Garden of Eden, of course) the story was likely to have been an allegory for Patrick driving out the snakes of paganism with his (staff of) Christianity. Regardless, the story represents what many people see as the beginnings of an ‘Irish Identity’ and explains why the day has grown so much over the centuries and why today, even those with the loosest connection to Ireland can celebrate their identities and family histories too.

Smiffys Range of St. Patricks Day Fancy Dress

Being based in the North West, we are well-located to see the connection that the area has with Ireland. Especially in Liverpool, which thanks to its links with the country, St. Patricks Day is perhaps THE biggest celebration of the year!

So with that, here are some Paddys Day costume ideas:

  • Full Costume? If you want to go all out and celebrate St Patricks Day in style, how about a marvellous full fancy dress costume to go with it? Want to be a Lucky Lad? Or perhaps you want to be more elaborate and celebrate Ireland’s folklaw by dressing up as a Leprechaun? We have a range of costumes for men, women – and even mini Leprechaun costumes for kids! 
  • Hats. It just wouldn’t be St Paddys Day without a green, shamrock hat! If you’re not looking to go all out with a full costume, then an accessory such as a hat will help you to practically and cost-effectively celebrate the day at any parade, party or night out you’ll be taking part in.

Choose Smiffys Fancy Dress Shop For High-Quality St. Patricks Day Costumes

If you’re interested in any of our St Patricks Day fancy dress items, please feel free to browse our wide-ranging online catalogue. You will be able to see a comprehensive sizing guide and descriptions on each of our product pages.

Alternatively, why not pop into one of our stores? Aside from our Chester location, you can find us in Liverpool, on Bold Street, just a stone’s throw away from Liverpool Central station and Liverpool ONE. Our opening hours are 9:30-17:30 Mondays-Saturdays and 11:00-16:00 on Sundays.

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