The Stories Behind Our Easter Traditions

The Stories Behind Our Easter Traditions

Posted in The World of Smiffys Fancy Dress by Smiffys on April 04th 2017
With its roots in Christianity, the Easter season has grown to typify a new beginning for everything, even outside of religion.  Many schools and communities run events such as egg hunts, parades, even Easter fancy dress parties to commemorate the season and to set a positive, fun image.

But what’s behind some of the long-held traditions that are commonly associated with the season? Why do we associate a bunny with Easter and why are eggs a thing anyway? Here’s the story behind some of them:

  • Easter Eggs. With an egg representing a ‘birth’ it’s easy to see how they have become a symbol referring to the religious aspects that Easter represents. Long before chocolatiers hit upon the idea of producing a sweet tasting egg that would offer a treat to any child (and slightly older children!), eggs (as in their traditional laid-by-birds sense) were decorated in celebration of the season. It isn’t just Christianity that celebrated the re-birth theme of spring; decorated and engraved ostrich eggs aged 60,000 years have been found in Africa, whilst Egyptians, Mesopotamians and Cretans from a similar era also decorated eggs for similar reasons.

  • The Easter Bunny. Often depicted as anthropomorphic, running around and bestowing Easter eggs on Children; despite popular belief of its modern origins, Easter Bunnies have actually been around for hundreds of years. First recorded in 15th Century Germany, Protestants created the ‘Easter Hare’ which played the role of a judge to decide whether local children had been ‘good’ or not and if they were, they would get a reward. From that, you can see that the character was very-much the Easter equivalent of a Father Christmas – and with Christmas and Easter being the two biggest Christian festivals, the two characters helped to promote the celebrations amongst children. Incidentally, Hares were used due to them being traditional symbols of the church since ancient times and it’s due to their natural closeness to rabbits that the colloquial suffix of ‘bunny’ has replaced the hare as the representation of the story in more-modern times.

  • Easter Bonnet. It’s common for young children to design and decorate their own hat for Easter in an often non-serious attempt at learning to craft – but how did this practice begin? We don’t have to look too far for this story, as the tradition of people ‘buying new clothes for Easter’ is well-known and many people still save up throughout the start of the calendar year, throughout Lent, to be able to give themselves a ‘new start’ with new clothes during the start of Spring and Easter. It was common throughout the last few hundred years for women to buy themselves a new hat amongst their new clothes and would wear them as they attended Easter church services. Often, these hats would be elaborately decorated to distinguish them from other types of hats; with flowers, ribbons and lace all adorning the bonnet. Although attendance at church isn’t as commonplace in today’s world, those who do attend services still uphold the tradition.

  • Easter Parades/Parties. Many schools and church groups undertake the traditions of parading before attending an Easter service, with many of them hosting an additional party afterwards. This custom, one which often saw the participants wearing their new clothes, including their bonnets, has been around for many years with ancient examples being Palm Sunday, as a way of celebrating events in Christianity and promoting its role in their lives. As time as worn on, the balance has shifted to the hosting of Easter parties and events, with games such as an Easter egg hunt, which sees children attempting to find an egg (hidden of course, by a bunny!), being commonly played (often in Easter fancy dress!)

Attending an Easter-themed party? Fancy Dress is a Great Idea!

Here at Smiffys Fancy Dress Shop, we retail an extensive range of children’s and adult’s costumes from a wide variety of subjects, including from books, film, television to historical and seasonal topics. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, a period that has seen us grow to operate 2 physical stores in the North West, as well as a successful online presence, you can be rest-assured that we are able to offer the perfect costumes for whatever your requirements may be.

With many schools and communities celebrating the season, presenting the stories and traditions in a fun and informative way, fancy dress will make any Easter party that egg-tra bit special!  A popular costume for the season, is of course animal fancy dress; whether you’re looking for a Easter chick costume for your little one, or even want to dress up in a adult-sized rabbit costume yourself – you can do, thanks to Smiffys Fancy Dress Shop! Perhaps you fancy playing the role of the Easter Bunny, delivering eggs? Our deluxe Easter bunny costume would be simply perfect! Other items that we retail include animal masks as well as easy and quick-to-use bunny ears and hats. Whether you want to attend as a bunny, chicken – our range of masks, hats and ears will make for a quick, cost-effective and of course, a fun Easter costume solution!

Alternatively, we have a wide range of costumes that even though not related to Easter, will doubtless go down well at any party! Please browse our wide range and see if anything catches your eye.

Fancy Dress Delivery

If you’re interested in purchasing any of our Easter fancy dress products, we have a wide range of delivery options for you to choose from. We are able to deliver within the UK from first and second class to next-day services. Based Internationally? That’s no problem too, as we often ship items outside of the UK. All orders made will be dispatched within two working days of it being placed, please note however, that items intended for next day delivery need to be ordered by 1pm in order to guarantee same-day dispatch. In order to guarantee security and assurance of the delivery of our items, all orders will require a signature at their place of delivery. For more information on our delivery services, please see our dedicated page.

Eggs-ellent Easter Costumes From Smiffys Fancy Dress Shop

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