Top 10 Halloween Films!

Top 10 Halloween Films!

Posted in The World of Smiffys Fancy Dress by Smiffys on September 27th 2017
Halloween has firmly established itself as a must-do event on many people’s social calendars. Whether it’s for children going trick or treating or adults attending parties – the need for Halloween masks and fancy dress has certainly grown exponentially over the last few years!

Halloween Masks From Smiffys

Here at Smiffys Fancy Dress Shop, we have a wide range of high-quality fancy dress items and Halloween masks that have been designed to be scary, yet fun at the same time! With many of our items inspired by some of the biggest horror films in history, you will not find a more inclusive and vast range anywhere else. Please browse our online catalogue for more.

Top 10 Films To Watch This Halloween

Away from the festivities of Halloween, many people like to enjoy watching a scary movie during the period. With many enjoying the rollercoaster of emotions that horror films produce, this goes a long way to explain why such things are popular! So, don’t be hiding behind your Halloween masks – here are 10 films that you should be watching during this scary time:

1. Scream – Wes Craven’s classic slasher flick brought this subgenre of horror back into the mainstream when it was released in 1996. For much of the next decade, mainstream horror films picked up the lead of Scream by producing similar stories – but with never as much quality. Costing $14m to make and grossing well over $170m, the film’s commercial success paved the way for a number of sequels and thanks to the easy-to-mimic costume mask , was an instant hit with Halloween partygoers!

2. The Night Of The Living Dead/Zombies – Fan of the TV show The Walking Dead, or just Zombies in general? This is where it all started. In 1968, George A. Romero directed this horror flick, combining the zombie from Voodoo folklaw with a vampire; creating what he named ‘a ghoul’. This monster that would kill a living person and bring them back to life as one of them, has been a popular horror figure ever since. The film did take some years to grow its influence, mind – one of the great tales of its original release is that it was shown at Saturday matinees where families with children would attend to watch. The American film industry brought in an age-related certification system not long later! Here at Smiffys Fancy Dress Shop, we have a vast range of Zombie fancy dress and accessories , so please feel free to browse our range if you’re up for having a ghoul of a time with zombie Halloween masks and fancy dress!

3. Dracula/Vampires – Present within folklaw for hundreds of years, tales of vampires – dead beings who drink blood and able to infect living people with their affliction – are well known and are a staple of the horror genre. Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula is responsible for bringing these tales into the public consciousness and established the lore behind vampires that we’re so familiar with today. In the modern age, their popularity has taken off the scale thanks to the endless stream of feature films starring the creatures – the original 1931 version of Dracula is well worth a watch for the dedicated horror fan. For those who like something a bit more modern, 1994’s Interview With A Vampire is rated as one the better adaptations of a vampire novel – in this case, Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles series.

4. Saw – Released in 2004, the original Saw film quickly established itself as a psychological horror classic. Introducing the villainous Jigsaw, the series of films saw him lay ‘traps’ for people who he saw as unworthy of life, in order to prove that they truly wanted to live. Combining horror, with physical terror and even some thought-provoking lessons, the original low-budget feature is well worth a watch on Halloween.

5. IT – When it comes to horror in print form, there isn’t many who can outdo Stephen King. The author of classic tales such as The Shining, The Green Mile, Carrie, Salem’s Lot, Christine and so much more, has a new film adaptation out in 2017 – IT. The story follows a number of children who encounter a being that takes the form of their deepest fears – one of which is a creepy clown. It’s surprising that it’s taken until now for a big screen adaption to be produced (the novel was released in 1986) but by the reputation that it gave to clowns – you can sense that the story is a great one (the novel is also as thick as a tree trunk, so that helps to establish plots, characters and settings!) Due to be released in September 2017 , it is a must see for any horror fan. Just don’t forget your IT creepy clown Halloween masks!

6. Friday The 13th – Responsible for bringing the fear of ‘things go wrong on Friday The 13 th‘ this 1980 slasher film introduced the character of Jason, a rather disturbing figure identifiable thanks to his hockey mask. If you’re looking to provide some memorable scares this Halloween, then you can’t go far wrong with a Jason costume!

7. Nightmare on Elm Street – Everyone has bad dreams, right? For a generation, those bad dreams were made all the worse by 1984’s Nightmare on Elm Street (created by none other than Wes Craven). With the instantly recognisable face and gloved hand of Freddie Kruger killing people in their sleep, Elm Street managed to create a bogeyman that has transcended the films in which he starred in.

8. Beetlejuice – Horror doesn’t have to be scary (well, not much), it can be equally funny too. 1988’s Beetlejuice brilliantly toes that line of comedy and horror. Beetlejuice is a ghost that is hired by two recently-created ghosts to scare away the new owners of their old house. With laughs quickly turning into visual terror, then to farce and song – there’s nothing quite like Beetlejuice. And when it comes to films, I think we can agree that being unique is what makes them great!

9. Hocus Pocus – The films we’ve gone through so far are very-much ones for the adults – so what about if you’re celebrating Halloween as a family? The perfect film for such an occasion is 1993’s Hocus Pocus. Concerning the comeback of a coven of witches who wish to kidnap children in order to establish their immorality, it’s up to some local children – a disbeliever of the witches myth, strong believers of the myth and a boy turned into a cat by the witches 300 years previously, to stop them. With laughs, songs and yes, a bit of horror from time-to-time (though very child-friendly!) if you’re searching for something to quieten down your little witches after an evening of trick-or-treating, Hocus Pocus would be the ideal family film to watch together.

10. Halloween – Of course, no ‘best Halloween films to watch’ list would be complete without John Carpenter’s 1978 classic, Halloween! Starring Jamie Lee Curtis in her first film role, the story sees the escape of Michael Myers, who had murdered his sister on Halloween 15 years previously, on the hunt to wipe out his family. The film (followed by multiple sequels and remakes) has become a classic and the Halloween masks worn by Michael, a popular fancy dress item to wear!

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