Trick o’ Treat Safety Tips

Trick o’ Treat Safety Tips

Posted in The World of Smiffys Fancy Dress by Smiffys Liverpool on September 17th 2018
Trick o’ treating is a fun activity that both children and adults can enjoy, so if you’re searching for kid’s vampire costumes or adults monster costumes, visit Smiffys-Liverpool and our friendly team will be happy to offer a helping hand and assist your with your purchase.

Did You Know? The tradition of trick o treating originates from England during the middle-ages with the practice of souling. In the past, children would dress up in masks of spirits or angels and offer prayers or songs in exchange for money or food. Learn more about the origins of Halloween by reading our blog titled, “The History Of Halloween – Where Did It All Start?”

Safety Tips For Trick o’ Treating

Trick o’ treating can be lots of fun, but it’s very important to stay safe – so make sure that you consider the following safety tips.

  1. Costume Safety
    It is very important that parents remember that Halloween costumes are sometimes classed as toys rather than clothing. This means that they are subject to less rigorous safety requirements and tests than regular items of clothing. As such, they could be a fire safety risk.

    It is highly recommended that you keep fancy dress costumes away from open flames, such as candles inside jack o’ lanterns.

  2. Masks, Wigs, or Costumes
    Remember that some fancy dress items such as wigs or masks can reduce your eye sight and some costumes can reduce movement which could lead to trips or tangles.

    So to minimise the risk of injuries caused by fancy dress costumes, make sure that all children who go out trick o’ treating are accompanied by a responsible adult.

  3. Plan Your Route
    Before setting off on Halloween, make sure that you plan your route beforehand. Make sure that you stick to well lit areas and always walk on pavements. As fancy dress costumes can restrict eye sight, make sure that you only cross roads at designated crossings when it is safe to do so.

  4. Set Off Early
    Remember, the clocks go back on Sunday the 28th of October. This means that it could go dark as early as 5pm. So don’t leave it too late to start trick o’ treating and don’t stay out too late so if it gets too dark you might be difficult to be seen during the night time.

  5. Be Seen In The Dark
    Make sure that you have plans to help people see you during the darkness of the autumn evening. This could include carrying a spooky Halloween light, a set of glow bands, or some glow in the dark clothing.

    Adults accompanying children who are trick o’ treating might also consider taking a torch on their journey and/or wearing a florescent overcoat to make sure that oncoming traffic can see them and the children they are accompanying.

  6. Where to Knock
    When going trick o’ treating, it is very important that you only knock on doors of those who are happy to receive visitors. Some people may put up signs saying something akin to “Trick o’ Treaters welcome” or perhaps they may have an abundance of Halloween decorations located outside of their house.

    Additionally, it is also very important that children never go inside somebody else’s house or the house of somebody they do not know.

  7. Supervision
    Children should stay with a responsible adult at all times. Fancy dress shops often have a wide selection of costumes including costumes for adults – so why not join in the fancy dress fun too. For example, if children are dressing up as vampires, the accompanying adults could also dress up as vampires to join in the fancy dress fun.

  8. Sweets & Chocolates
    When trick ‘o treating, it is crucial that you only accept sweets and chocolates that are wrapped. Additionally, parents/guardians should check all items of Halloween candy before children eat any of them.

    Also, please don’t give sweets or chocolate to pets – it can make them very ill.

  9. Stick Together
    When you set off as a group to go trick o’ treating, make sure that you stick together. Also as a point of safety, decide a pre-arranged meet up point so that everyone knows where to meet in the event that anyone gets lost or separated from the group.

  10. Remember To Have Fun
    Halloween is an exciting time with trick o’ treating, fancy dress parties, and more. So follow these safety tips and have a fun time this year!

Need A Fancy Dress Costume? Visit Smiffys-Liverpool On Bold Street

If you need a fancy dress costume for yourself or your child, Smiffys-Liverpool has a fantastic selection of Halloween costumes to choose from, including costumes for kids such as kid’s vampire costumes and costumes for adults such as men’s zombie or pirate fancy dress, or ladies vampire or witch costumes.

However, if you cannot find the costume you are searching for – do not worry because the Smiffys-Liverpool team can help. We have been trading for over ten years and we have an unrivalled 30 years of industry experience; so if you need help finding a costume or if you can’t find the costume you’re searching for, get in touch with our team because there’s a good chance we can source it for you.

Get In Touch With The Smiffys-Liverpool Team Today

If you have any questions regarding any of the products that are available for purchase on our online store or if you would like some advice choosing your Halloween costume, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team or visit us at our Liverpool fancy dress shop on Bold Street.

If you would like to speak to a member of staff, please contact us using the information below.

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