Christmas is a fantastic time to gather together with family and/or friends and celebrate the festive occasion with a fancy dress party. So if you’re searching for a Christmas costume, browse the Smiffys Fancy Dress Shop website or come visit us in store in Liverpool.

A Fantastic Selection Of Christmas Costumes To Choose From

Choose from a selection of different costume categories such as children’s costumes, hats and headwear, ladies costumes, men’s costumes, wigs and beards, and accessories.

  • Children’s Costumes
    We have a wonderful selection of children’s costumes to choose from. So if your child is performing in their school’s nativity play or if they’re attending a children’s Christmas fancy dress party, you can browse through lots of wonderful children’s Christmas fancy dress costumes.

    Choose from fantastic costumes such as Santa costumes, Mary costumes, elf costumes, angel costumes, snowman costumes, and more!

  • Hats And Headwear
    Choosing a Christmas costume isn’t just about choosing the costume itself. Often the extra items you choose for the costume can transform a good costume into a great costume. So browse through our collection of Christmas hats and headwear and find a great hat to make your Christmas costume extra special.

    However, the hats and headwear available on our website aren’t just fantastic ways to transform good costumes into great costumes. They’re also a fantastic choice for people who want to add a bit of Christmas fun to their outfit, but don’t want to wear a full costume. So if dressing up isn’t your style, but you still want to join in the Christmas fun, why not wear a fun hat such as a stuffed turkey hat, a Christmas Tree Hat, or if you really don’t like dressing up in Christmas fancy dress costumes, why not express your dislike of Christmas with this Bah Humbug kit?

  • Ladies Costumes
    Ladies if you’re searching for a fantastic costume to wear this winter for a Christmas fancy dress party, we have lots of festive costumes to choose from. If you like to keep fancy dress costumes simple, perhaps you could choose a budget Miss Santa costume or a similar simple costume, maybe an elf, or maybe something from the nativity.

    However, if you want to choose something a little more extravagant this Christmas, we have lots of fun costumes, for example we have a variety of different deluxe and fever costumes to choose from.

  • Men’s Costumes
    We have lots of fun costumes to choose from for men to wear at Christmas fancy dress parties. So if you’re looking for Santa Claus, helper elves, or even snowmen costumes, we have a lots of wonderful Christmas fancy dress costumes to choose from.

    Indeed our selection of costumes includes fun but simple costumes including a Christmas jumper, ideal for those who want to attend a Christmas party but don’t want to dress up in a full costume. However, for those who enjoy dressing up in exciting fancy dress costumes, our Christmas selection for men also includes some fantastic fancy dress choices such as Stand Out Suits, Inflatable costumes, deluxe Christmas costumes and more!

  • Wigs And Beards
    Just like with our collection of hats and headwear, a fantastic wig or beard can transform a fun Christmas costume into a fanatic costume.

    Additionally, we understand that different people have different budgets for their Christmas fancy dress, and as such you can find a variety of products for different budgets. Such as the economy Santa beard or the deluxe Santa dress up kit.

  • Accessories
    There are lots of fantastic accessories to choose from at Smiffys Fancy Dress Shop. If you’re looking to transform your Santa costume and give it that extra special touch, why not add a Santa Belly Stuffer to the costume?

    Additionally, we have some fun instant kits such as Santa instant kits or Elf instant kits for those who want to join in the fancy dress fun. Additionally, with regards to elf costumes, for those looking for some fun elf ears to make their elf costume extra special, how about some soft vinyl pointed elf ears?

Need Some Christmas Fancy Dress Advice?

If you’re searching for Christmas fancy dress costumes and need some fancy dress advice, please get in touch with our team or visit our blog.

If you are unsure what costume you would like to wear for a Christmas fancy dress party and need some fancy dress inspiration, please visit the Smiffy's Fancy Dress Shop blog. By visiting our blog you will be able to find lots of fantastic Christmas fancy dress tips and advice including Christmas costume suggestions for groups and lots of fantastic Christmas fancy dress costume ideas.

However, if you’re looking for a specific fancy dress costume and you can’t find the costume that you’re looking for, get in touch with our friendly and dedicated team. We have been trading for over ten years in addition to our unrivalled 30 years experience in the industry, so thanks to our links within the party industry, if you can’t find a costume, there’s a good chance our talented team can help to source it for you. If you would like to contact our team or visit us in store, you can find our contact details below.

Contact The Smiffy's Fancy Dress Shop Team Today

If you have any questions regarding Christmas fancy dress costumes and would like to speak to our team, you can reach out to us by telephone, or you could visit us in store at our location in Liverpool.

To contact our team in Liverpool:

  • You can call, 0151 709 9449.
    Our opening hours are, 9.30 – 5.30 Monday to Saturday, 11.00 – 4.30 on Sundays.
  • Or visit us in store at, 56 Bold Street Liverpool L1 4EA,
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