Disguises and theatrical make up has always been an essential part of any costume. Whether you’re looking for a terrifying way to make your Halloween costume more realistic or fully disguise yourself in your fancy dress, you can find the best make up, face paints, lenses and false teeth at Smiffy's Fancy Dress

Browse A Full Range Of Theatrical Make Up For Your Fancy Dress Costume

Thanks to our range of disguises and cosmetics, you can add an extra layer of character to your costume. Using our top-quality theatrical make up, you can create a Hollywood-quality costume that is perfect for Halloween or any fancy dress party. With cosmetic make up, you can easily turn yourself into a realistic zombie, monster or demon. By combining our make up with latex features such as sleeves, facial scars and injuries, you can make your costume incredibly realistic.

As well as make up specifically designed to give your friends and family a scare, there is a variety of animal make up, as well as lipstick and nail polish which can be the perfect addition to your costume. It has always been the little things which make a fancy dress costume unforgettable, and your make up could be the thing which really completes your look.

What’s more, we can provide a range of cosmetic lenses, false teeth and face paints to let you create the look you’re after. Whether you want to dress as a clown, a vampire, a zombie or even your favourite musician, the theatrical make up you use could be the difference between a good costumes and a great costume.

For Affordable Theatrical Make Up, Choose Smiffy's Fancy Dress Today

At Smiffy's Fancy Dress, we can provide a complete range of make-up and disguises to suit your chosen costume. We can provide anything from latex-sleeves to 3D features and cosmetics which can add additional detail to your character.

Whatever kind of cosmetics you are looking for, you can be sure that you’ll find it amongst the wide range of theatrical make up and disguises on offer from Smiffy's Fancy Dress. For affordable fancy dress accessories, shop with Smiffy's Fancy Dress online or visit us in-store today. You can also reach our team via the telephone on 0151 709 9449 or 01244 346 251 and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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